GPS Sessions

Managing Director Martyn Iles teaches Scriptural foundations for the most critical questions of our time.

Delivered as part of ACL’s GPS Summer 2021 program, the definitive Christian worldview bootcamp for young people aged 18-25, by ACL. Get ready to take your faith into the real world. There are answers because there is truth.

Who Am I? Identity

Answers the question on the lips of a generation. The surprising answer is, “wrong question.” We were made to bear God’s image, so we must ask, “Who is God?” The more we answer that question, the more the conundrum of who we are will naturally fade away.


Who am I? Identity continued | In The Beginning, God

Martyn addresses some of the most critical questions of our time this two part continuation session.

In The Beginning, God

Answers the question, ‘How do I think?’ The true ground of all wisdom, knowledge, and practice is in the application of the first 5 words of scripture, “In the beginning, God created…” That is the lesson of Genesis 1-3, Proverbs and Romans 1.


In The Beginning, God continued

Join Martyn as he continues his in-depth study of the topic ‘In the beginning, God’.


How Stuff Works: Creation’s Blueprints

God embedded many realities into the fabric of the world, which we are called to honour for our own good and for His glory. In this talk I deal with four: governing authority, work, the environment, and sabbath. I trace their creation blueprint to their New Testament principles.


God’s Gender Agenda

What is a man? What is a woman? What are their respective callings? Worryingly, few can answer those questions anymore. This talk traces God’s creation blueprint right through to the New Testament. Without doubt, the most popular and enthusiastically received talk of the week.


Christian Character According to Jesus

When someone enters the kingdom of God, it is proven by the change in their person. The nature of this change is counter-cultural and non-negotiable. This talk analyses Jesus’ character reference for His kingdom in the beatitudes.