GPS - GAP Week
22nd - 28th July 2018

Is this a post-Christian age? Where has it come from and where are we going? GAP Week is a retreat that empowers young Christians between the age of 18-25 to engage our secular age and be agents of political and cultural change.

Spend a week discussing God, science, and the future of Christianity in a post-Christian world with some of Australia’s top thinkers.

If you are in university and aspire to future leadership - this Gap Week is perfect for you.




GPS - Course Outline

Sunday - Arrive

Monday - The Secular before Secularism, Creation: cultural and political implications, The Grandeur of God

Tuesday - The French Revolution and the Enlightenment, God, A Rational & Objective Universe, The State of Politics Now

Wednesday - The Secularisation of the European Mind, The Limitations of Science

Thursday - The 1960s, The death of God, The Anthropic Principle

Friday - Cultural change and the church,  Emerging trends, The New Atheism

Saturday - Special Guests

Sunday - Departure


Guest Lecturers

Dr Stephen Chavura


Dr. Stephen Chavura lectures in political science and history at Macquarie University, Campion College, and the Lachlan Macquarie Institute. As well as writing a book on the intersection of theology and the rise of modern politics he has published in numerous international journals and writes opinion pieces for The AustralianThe Spectator Australia, and various online fora.



 Paul Henderson

PEH2.jpgPaul Henderson is CEO of the Lachlan Macquarie Institute. He is also a founding partner in an American venture focusing on online safety and digital education. Paul has lived in Europe, Africa and Asia, holding extensive experience in education research and public policy. In 2010, he was appointed secretariat for education reform to the Office of the Prime Minister, New Zealand.

He came to the role as director of research and programmes at Maxim Institute, a New Zealand based think-tank with expertise in constitutional, tax, family and education policy. A former national debating coach and judge in the World Debating Championships, Paul is a widely sought after speaker.

He is also an established author of multiple publications and four acclaimed books. In addition to studying at Aberdeen, Cambridge, Australian Catholic University and Laidlaw College, Paul was formed by monastic life at Ampleforth College and then Prinknash Abbey. He has a deep appreciation for community life. Paul is married and has three adult daughters.


Dr Frank Stootman

Dr. Frank Stootman is Adjunct Associate Professor at Western Sydney University in the Dean’s Unit School of Computing, Engineering and Math. His primary scientific interests are astrophysics and computational simulation. He has lectured extensively on the relationship of Christianity (Revelation) to Science (Natural Philosophy). With his wife Heather, who also holds a Ph.D. in physics, Frank runs the Australian branch of L’Abri, a ministry which explores the relationship between the gospel and culture.



Lyle Shelton


Lyle Shelton has been Managing Director for the Australian Christian Lobby since 2013.  Lyle wears many hats; lobbyist, blogger, and is a frequent guest commentator on political matters across all forms of media.  He has been ACL's spearhead in the defence of traditional marriage and family and is passionate about seeing Australia become a more just and compassionate society.

In December of 2016, Lyle was awarded World Magazine's 'Daniel of the Year' award due to his tireless efforts in the the face of great resistance, in the preservation of marriage in Australia.



The details 


Where?  Lachlan Macquarie Institute at 381 Hillview Drive, Murrumbateman NSW.

When? Sunday July 22 until Sunday July 29, 2108.

How much?  $500 - which covers the cost of accommodation, all meals, lecturers and course materials. Transport to and from Canberra is not included and is to be organised by attendees.

Attendees may wish to seek sponsorship from their church or elsewhere to offset costs. We don’t want cost to be a barrier to attendance.

How to apply?  Complete the online application through the 'submit my application button below.  Applications close on April 30, 2018.