For release: Tuesday, September 4, 2012

At a time when the Greens are making a farce of the Federal Parliament with their influence being mainly behind four same-sex marriage bills, their Newspoll results have slumped to the lowest level since 2009.

“The Greens’ tactic is always to try and legislate their radical social policies by fatigue but it seems like the public are becoming fatigued with them,” ACL Managing Director Jim Wallace said.

There is a lesson for Labor in this which has sadly aligned itself with the Greens campaign for same-sex marriage in Tasmania, South Australia and the ACT.

“While two of the four same-sex marriage bills in the Federal Parliament have been put forward privately by a Labor MP and Senators, it is undoubtedly Greens’ influence that has led to this Parliamentary farce,” Mr Wallace said.

“It is obvious that the Greens’ high profile championing of the redefinition of marriage is not translating into mainstream political support.

“The Gillard Government must reassert some authority and bring this long-running matter to a head when Parliament resumes next week,” Mr Wallace said.