Media Release

The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) today rejected outright claims by Victorian Greens MP Colleen Hartland that the organisation has a “hatred of gays” as an outrageous slur designed to shut down debate on genuine issues of concern.

ACL Victorian Director Rob Ward said the allegation made in today’s The Age was not only unfounded but also a serious attack on the ACL’s right to stand up for Judeo-Christian values.

“The ACL does not agree that the homosexual lifestyle should be actively promoted or that gay rights activists’ agendas should not be challenged where they conflict with community or children’s rights. You only need to consider the gay activists’ demand to be able to donate blood and for homosexual adoption as examples,” Mr Ward said.

“However for Ms Hartland to purposefully choose to smear our organisation by wrongly interpreting this position as involving a ‘hatred of gays’ is of great concern.

“The ACL believes that all people are of great worth and certainly does not have a hatred of gays. Indeed we have in the past been supportive of considered law changes aimed at ending unjustified discrimination against same-sex couples both at a State and Federal level.”

Mr Ward said that it is in some ways quite enlightening that Ms Hartland should choose to make such a blanket allegation at a time when some quarters are pushing to make it a crime to even express a view that a homosexual person might take offence to.

“It highlights the fact that freedom to express an opposing opinion is under increased attack in Victoria and that even some politicians are willing to falsely label organisations as acting out of hatred if it helps to shut down debate.”

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