10 November 2015

For a party founded on violent and often illegal protest, it was hypocritical of the Greens to be seeking to ban peaceful and non-threatening protest outside clinics where pre-born babies are killed, according to the Australian Christian Lobby.

ACL’s spokesperson on women’s issues, Wendy Francis, today applauded LNP Senator Matt Canavan’s Senate motion aimed at upholding free speech.

The motion was defeated after it tied in the Senate at 29-29 when Labor joined the Greens in voting against it.

“The Greens are all for protest except when it is conducted peacefully against their ideological beliefs,” Ms Francis said.

“People protesting in the non-violent tradition of Ghandi and Rev Dr Martin Luther King junior are not to be tolerated by today’s Greens, it seems.

“No one supports screaming at women entering abortion clinics but there is no evidence this is happening and lawyers advise there are other provisions in the law to prohibit this without banning freedom of non-violent political protest.

“The Greens don’t have to agree with those who silently protest and pray outside abortion clinics but they shouldn’t seek to ban them just because they disagree with them.”

Ms Francis said there were 300 Victorians alive today because their mothers chose not to abort them after talking with sidewalk counsellors over the past 20 years.

“Surely even the Greens could celebrate the gift of life and love granted to these children thanks to the peaceful witness of non-violent protestors.”

Senator Canavan’s motion followed a Greens’ bill in the ACT banning prayer outside abortion clinics.