Recently The Canberra Times and The Australian reported that ACT Liberal Senator Gary Humphries has been dumped as chair of the Legal and Constitutional Affairs References Committee and replaced by the rookie Greens senator Penny Wright.

The Canberra Times reported that Labor supported the demand by Greens’ to have another position on a parliamentary committee. The committee deals with a range of social issues including gay marriage, border protection and euthanasia.

It now means that the Greens chair two Upper House committees, the Coalition has six and Labor has eight committee chairs in the senate.

Mr Humphries was reported as saying “I’m pretty angry about this...The Greens are simply hell-bent on aggrandising themselves on the floor of the Senate. They want as much power as their new advantageous relationship with the Labor Party will give them.”

The Australian reported that the Coalition proposed an alternative chairmanship in an environmental portfolio during Senate business but the Greens knocked it back.

Opposition Senate leader Eric Abetz was reported as saying “The Greens have now clearly indicated what their real purpose in politics is. It’s not the environment. It’s the social agenda.”

The ACL is concerned that this is further evidence of the Government bowing to Greens’ pressure and shares the concern about them seeking to impose their radical social agenda in the Parliament.