The Greens are out of step with community sentiment on abortion with their announcement today of a $15 million election pledge to remove abortion safeguards.

Australian Christian Lobby spokesperson for women’s issues Wendy Francis said while the Greens were working to make abortion more accessible, people across the country were expressing deep concern with current abortion laws.

“Community sentiment towards abortion is rapidly changing. In Queensland the community has expressed outrage at a current proposal to liberalise that state’s abortion laws,” Ms Francis said.

“Over a two-week period 23,869 Queenslanders signed the Australian Christian Lobby epetition – the largest epetition in the history of Queensland.

“A Galaxy Poll conducted in Queensland in early May also indicated widespread acceptance that abortion harms the mental and physical health of women. 84 per cent of those polled said they believed it was harmful and just 38 per cent supported abortion in cases where both mother and child were healthy.

“In Victoria, there is widespread support for the Infant Viability Bill which aims to outlaw post 24-week abortion.”

The bill will be debated tomorrow in the Victorian Parliament. Around 25,000 signed a petition and 1,500 people turned out at a Rally in Melbourne on Saturday in support of the extra safeguards contained in the bill.

Last week in Perth more than 1,000 attended a rally to support improving abortion safeguards.

Ms Francis said it was disappointing that the Greens seemed unwilling to work with women to ensure that they were protected and given access to the support often needed during pregnancy.

“We now know that the child in the womb is human, feels pain, that abortion techniques such as dismemberment and poisoning of the unborn child are barbaric,” Ms Francis said.

“We also know that many women and their families are hurting because of post-abortion grief.

“The Greens proposal to liberalise abortion laws is a betrayal of women. The Greens are failing women if the only option they can offer for an unsupported pregnancy is abortion.

“What the community and women are looking for are better options than abortion, which leads to terrible consequences for mother and child.