Queensland Racing Minister Bill Byrne has halted construction of the Logan Greyhound Racing Track and announced an independent inquiry into the proposed development.

The delay is a welcome one and the the government should be congratulated for listening to community concerns about the proposed racetrack.

Many people are concerned about the impact this racetrack would have on the community in Logan.

We know that problem gambling can take a devastating toll on local communities.

Logan is in one of the 10 most disadvantaged areas in Australia and the last thing they need is another gambling venue with its associated social and fiscal costs.

In June 2014 over 20,000 people – including ACL supporters – signed a petition calling on the Queensland Parliament to oppose the proposed greyhound racing venue.

Racing Minister Bill Byrne said the independent inquiry into the racetrack was expected to take three months to complete.

Please continue to pray for the outcome of the independent inquiry.