The Australian Christian Lobby has applauded the actions of the 18 Legislative Council Members in Victoria who yesterday demanded that the Andrews Government immediately withdraw the controversial Safe Schools program from Victoria’s schools.

ACL Victorian Director Dan Flynn said, “These MPs were standing up for thousands of parents who had not been consulted in the implementation of this program which is, according to its founder, Roz Ward, ‘not about stopping bullying…but about supporting gender and sexual diversity’.”

“The MPs voted on a motion from Democratic Labour Party MLC, Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins, which called for the removal and subsequent review of the program,” Mr Flynn said.

“This is the first motion of its type in any Australian Parliament.

“The motion has elevated the voice of Victorian parents concerned about their children being taught that gender is fluid and that Safe Schools continues in Primary schools, transitioning boys into girls and girls into boys.

"We must remember that in Victoria the Safe Schools program still endorses material that teaches 'chest binding' so that girls can appear as boys, despite the Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham demanding that these links be removed. 

“Unfortunately, the Government, The Greens and the Sex Party remain together in supporting the controversial program and hence the vote to remove Safe Schools was tied at 18 all.

“Opposition to safe schools continues to build as demonstrated by the 9,700 Victorians who have signed an ongoing ACL petition calling on Premier Andrews to give the right to parents to say no to this compulsory social re-engineering.”