Media Release: Saturday, September 19, 2009

Embargoed until 5 am on 19/9/09

In a move to highlight the tragedy of babies being aborted at an age when they could survive outside the womb, a number of family and pro-life groups have joined forces to advertise their concerns in a major metropolitan newspaper. The advertisement uses last weekend’s Weekend Australian Magazine imagery of a baby born just 23 weeks into a pregnancy to graphically point out that the picture confirms the inhumanity of aborting the same, or older, babies. (See attachment).

ACL Managing Director Jim Wallace said the advertisement was designed to bring home to people the reality that late-term abortion practices in Australia often involved the destruction of viable young babies deserving a chance at life.

“There is currently a concerted push on by pro-abortion advocates in Australia which seeks to do away with any restrictions on abortion and permit unborn children to be killed for almost any reason right up until birth – such as already occurs in Victoria and the ACT,” Mr Wallace said.

“As a nation we need to be facing up to what this means and no longer hiding behind myths that these aren’t babies we are talking about but blobs of foetal tissue. It is deeply inhumane to countenance the killing of an unborn child who clearly feels pain and would have every chance of living if outside the womb.

“We are not seeking to make this point by blowing up abortion clinics or attacking defenceless women – methods we would never condone. What we are doing is reaching out and asking people to consider the tragedy and injustice of so many young lives being terminated – sometimes using the most cruel of methods.

“In the process we are hoping that the community and our political representatives will grasp hold of the fact that the estimated 90,000 abortions taking place in Australia each year represent a national shame that should no longer be swept under the carpet.

“We need real choices for women with unsupported pregnancies instead of continuing on with the abortion industries pretence that abortion is ‘just another medical procedure’ with no costs involved. The reality of abortion needs to come out of hiding.”

Media Contact: Glynis Quinlan