Happy New Year and welcome to another year at ACL.

I trust you and your family have enjoyed rest and relaxation over the Christmas period.

The ACL Team and I have benefitted from time out after a tumultuous 12 months.

The period began with the bombing of our Canberra headquarters by a same-sex marriage activist and culminated in the marriage plebiscite campaign.

2017 is a year none of us will forget.

But already we are in the fray dealing with the consequences of the change to the marriage law which came into effect last week.

The first new victims of “marriage equality” are likely to be Western Australian children born through surrogacy and then given over to two men to raise without the love of their mother.

The WA Government announced last week that now same-sex marriage is legal, it wants to provide a legal mechanism for two “married” men to acquire babies.

This is despite the assertions of the Yes Campaign that same-sex marriage had no consequences beyond the loving couple.

Indeed, we were routinely ridiculed for raising issues that “had nothing to do with marriage”.

Recognising that our concerns for freedom of speech and religion were valid, the Turnbull Government established a commission to examine protections for religious freedom headed by former federal MP Philip Ruddock.

You and I have until February 14 to make our voices heard. Please make a submission.

It will be interesting to see if legislation to protect free speech and freedom of religion results from this inquiry.

So many politicians, including members of the Turnbull Cabinet, voted against very reasonable protections for freedom during the parliamentary debate last month.

Nonetheless, it is urgent that we speak in big numbers so that freedom can be restored.

It is going to be a big year.

Abortion-to-birth is back on the agenda in Queensland, the diabolical Andrews Government is up for re-election later in the year and there are elections due in March in Tasmania and South Australia.

Thanks for your on-going support of ACL. Despite setbacks on marriage and euthanasia in Victoria last year, our battles are only just beginning.

An awakening is occurring across our nation and ACL is well placed to channel this into political effectiveness.

We trust God for the year ahead and we will not grow weary in doing good.