Feedback on the Marriage Webcast event on the 26th of June has been positive with some churches taking the initiative to screen the content at its Sunday service for the entire congregation to watch. The webcast is available to watch on Vimeo and since it was uploaded there’s been more than 6,000 views.

Marriage Webcast from Australian Christian Lobby on Vimeo.

The ACL is also making the Marriage Webcast event material available on DVD for purchase at a small fee of $12 each plus GST (total $13.20). You can place your order online.

Victory Life Church in Perth and Beaudesert Baptist Church Queensland are just two churches which decided to show the webcast resource at its Sunday service.

Pastor Joshua Cocks from Beaudesert Baptist said the church downloaded the material and showed the event at the Sunday night service.

“The input from the panellists was great - in particular our church folk appreciated John Anderson’s wise comments. Marriage is such a hot topic in both state and federal politics at the moment and we certainly can’t escape the debate in the media. As a church we are grateful to the ACL for addressing the issue from a Christian viewpoint and in such a timely manner,” he said.

Pastor Margaret Court from Victory Life Church in Perth made the decision to show the church the webcast during a Sunday service.

The church reports that “It was extremely successful and was well received by all. The congregation was clapping throughout and a lot of people were surprised by what was presented by the panel as they ‘had no idea’.”

“By playing it at the service we had a captive audience. It opened peoples' eyes to the reality of the issue. The comments on the calibre of the speakers was excellent as [the] panel was well balanced and people were shown different points of view from professionals from different areas within society."

The Marriage Webcast was screened to more than 500 churches on Tuesday the 26th of June. Panel guests included former deputy prime minister John Anderson, sexologist Dr Patricia Weerakoon, law specialist Professor Patrick Parkinson and husband and wife pastor, educators and counsellors Allan and Helen Meyer.

If your church decides to screen the marriage webcast to its church, please let the ACL team know how it went by contacting us or submitting a comment below to this blog piece.