Coalition takes a stand for common sense in protecting women and children from Birth Certificate law changes 

Despite worrying concerns that the new sex-change laws undermine women’s safety, the Victorian government is tonight pressing ahead with its rainbow ideology.

The Victorian Coalition has tonight acted intelligently in opposing changes to sex in birth certificates on the basis of practical risks to womens' safety.

“Allowing unambiguous men to identify as women and demand legal recognition as women on their birth certificates poses significant risks to women’s safety in domestic shelters and women's change rooms” said ACL’s Victorian Director Dan Flynn.

"The Government's attempt to legislate that Birth Certificates can be changed at will in order to reflect any persons changing feelings of gender identity was dealt a dose of truth by a range of Opposition speakers tonight.

“Birth certificates should be reserved for recording the biological facts at birth and the parentage of a newborn, not subsequent views about gender identity.

"Disappointingly, important practical matters affecting women and girls were not addressed by the Governments in speeches supporting its Bill."

Hundreds of constituents had written to MP's opposing the Bill ranging from radical feminist perspectives to basic concerns about truth in birth narratives.

“Important practical matters raised by the opposition have been completely ignored by a government intent on following the rainbow of contested gender theory.  Australians will soon be voting on whether gender diversity should be removed as a requirement for marriage,” Mr Flynn said.

“Given that ‘safe schools’ and jettisoning biological reality on birth certificates are a package deal with same-sex marriage, it is only fitting that the Australian people have a say on whether or not our nation continues down this path.”