Tasmania is currently reviewing its prostitution laws with the possibility that prostitution will be decriminalised. The Australian Christian Lobby has set up a campaign at Make a Stand to allow Tasmanians to have their say.

Attorney-General Brian Wightman released a discussion paper in January which examines three options for reform: criminalisation (making prostitution illegal); decriminalisation (making it legal and allowing it to operate like any other industry); and licensing (making it legal but regulating it).

ACL has long advocated criminalising prostitution using the “Swedish model”. This system makes the purchase of prostitution illegal while not criminalising the prostituted women.

The model aims to reduce prostitution by targeting the driving force behind it – demand for the purchase of sex.

The model has had great success in Sweden in reducing prostitution and human trafficking. Several other countries have since implemented similar prostitution laws.

ACL advocates this model because it sends the clear message that men cannot assume the right to purchase a woman’s body for sex on demand. Prostitution is exploitative and abusive of women and should not be tolerated in a just society.

Despite this, the Discussion Paper seems to favour decriminalising prostitution.

Please visit Make a Stand, get informed, and take action. Follow the links to make a submission to the inquiry, write to your local Member, or send a letter to the editor. The submission deadline is March 23.