It is a big year for marriage, with three bills to amend the Marriage Act currently before Parliament  and two inquiries underway.

Please take action straight away by writing a submission to the Senate Inquiry into the Greens Marriage Equality Amendment Bill 2010. These are due by April 2. A submission can be as short or as long as you like. Email your submission to [email protected] as an attached PDF or MS document (as the Senate prefers submissions submitted this way).

Here are some points you might like to include:

  • Marriage is a unique relationship between one man and one woman.

  • Marriage is the foundation of family, which in turn is the foundation of society.

  • If marriage can be redefined to include two people of the same gender, why not three or more people?

  • Marriage is deeply held by a large proportion of the population for cultural and religious reasons and this should be respected.

  • Redefining marriage has potential serious consequences for religious freedom and freedom of conscience.

  • Same-sex marriage sets up a new family model that trashes the truth that gender is vital to a child in family formation.

  • Research shows that a child with married, biological mother and father do best.

  • Children should be given the chance to start life with both their biological parents.

Also consider including a personal touch, telling why marriage is important to you, and why it is important to hold on to this time-honoured institution.

For those who want to dig a bit deeper, here are a selection of articles which might be helpful.

This is an important step in the defence of marriage. Please take the time to speak up and have your say by participating in both of these important inquiries.

Leave a comment below if you wish, but remember it's NOT A SUBMISSION unless you email [email protected] with your submission as an attached PDF or Word document.