29 September 2015

With the abortion industry in the US under pressure from the Planned Parenthood baby-parts-for-sale scandal, the industry here wants to launch over-the-phone sales of a pill for killing unborn babies.

The Australian Christian Lobby today urged the Health Minister Susan Ley to intervene to prevent over-the-phone sales of the abortion-inducing drug RU486.

ACL Managing Director Lyle Shelton said, apart from taking the life of an unborn child, the drug was too dangerous to prescribe over the phone.

In 2012, the Therapeutic Good Administration told the Senate that of 832 women who took the drug since 2006, 599 required surgery to remove the poisoned unborn baby after it failed to produce a miscarriage.

“Apart from the ethics of taking a human life, clearly this drug is not safe for women and is not a choice that should be encouraged, let alone offered for sale over the phone.”

Mr Shelton said even the pro-abortion former head of the Australian Medical Association, Dr Andrew Pesce seemed to be urging caution in comments to the ABC this week.

"About 10 to 20 per cent of women who have a medical abortion using mifepristone will not completely miscarry and require a subsequent surgical procedure.

"The last thing I want to see is women who've taken this pill end up with pain and bleeding and end up in an ED department in a busy hospital on a Saturday night needing to take several hours to get through a busy system which isn't part of an integrated care plan", Dr Pesce said.

Mr Shelton was also concerned that many women report being pressured into abortion by male partners who do not want the responsibility of raising their child.

“Is it possible a male could be holding the phone to the ear of a woman, coercing her outside the privacy of a doctor’s surgery, into terminating the life of his child?”