Activists are pressuring Queensland state politicians to remove from the law all remaining protections for the unborn. Get invovled in 'Alive and Kicking' to give a voice to the voiceless.

In Brief

  • GetUp organisation misrepresents truth on abortion

  • GetUp’s Simon Sheikh says ACL’s view on abortion doesn’t represent the Christian view

  • ACTION: If you haven’t already, please e-mail your pollies today through our Alive and Kicking campaign

The online political organisation, GetUp, which is not known for its accuracy, has produced a misleading and inflammatory advertisement as part of abortion activists’ push to legalise abortion all the way to birth - even when babies and mothers are healthy.

Abortionist activists are trying to manipulate politicians to remove all protection for unborn babies in law with no thought about the ethics of even brutal late term abortion.

Whilst ACL concedes there may be some support in the Australian community for abortion in certain circumstances, it is well known that even pro-choice people agree that there are too many abortions performed each year in Australia.

While accurate figures are not kept (except in South Australia), it is estimated from Medicare that around 90,000 abortions are performed each year in Australia. No woman has ever gone to jail for having an abortion, despite GetUp trying to incite fear that this might happen.

It is also known that Australians are not at all comfortable with late term abortions, despite the pro-abortion impression GetUp is trying to create in the minds of politicians.

Abortion activists like GetUp are seizing on last week’s tragic Cairns abortion court case to renew their push to remove what little protections remain in law for unborn babies - right up to birth.

ACL does not wish to see women jailed for abortion but believes the law should deter adults from taking the lives of their offspring and that real support should be provided for women with unsupported pregnancy.

Yesterday GetUp’s National Direct Simon Sheikh said on ABC’s Newsmakers with Jane Hutcheon (middle interview, four-and-a-half minutes in to the clip) that the ACL’s position on abortion did not represent the concerns of mainstream Christians.

“They are not being represented by the leadership of the Australian Christian lobby,” Sheikh said.

This is GetUp again being loose with the truth to manipulate political outcomes.

If you live in Queensland or New South Wales, please help set the record straight.

Go to our Alive and Kicking campaign where you can quickly and easily e-mail Premiers Anna Bligh and Kristina Keneally, along with your local MP, to set the record straight.

Let’s not be silent at this time where there is so much public vying for the lives of the unborn.

Thanks for acting.