Meriam Ibrahim, the Sudanese Christian woman who’d been sentenced to death for converting to Christianity, has spoken about her ordeal.

In an interview with Fox News, Ms Ibrahim said she held on to the belief that God would rescue her.

“This was a very difficult situation but I had my faith in God. I knew that God would help me, that God knew that I was a victim of injustice. It is my right to practice the religion I choose,” she said.

Ms Ibrahim said Christians in Sudan live under difficult circumstances; they are persecuted and treated harshly.

“They are afraid to say that they are Christians out of fear of persecution. Sometimes, imprisoned Christians with financial difficulties are told that the government would pay off their debts if they convert to Islam,” she said.

Earlier this year, ACL joined calls for Meriam Ibrahim’s release. Thousands of ACL supporters emailed the Sudanese Ambassador and Australia’s Foreign Minister urging international action.

Ms Ibrahim’s case is not unique. Sadly, Sudan is just one of many countries where Christians face persecution. Recent events in Iraq and Syria have seen thousands of Christians and minority groups persecuted for their faith.

In light of this, ACL has invited churches to unite in prayer and solidarity on November 2 for Solidarity Sunday.

This will be an opportunity to raise awareness about the persecution of Christians around the world.

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