Media Release: Friday 22 September, 2006

What: Mr Costello will address a National Press Club audience of senior representative leaders from the spectrum of denominations in Australia.

Other speakers include Mr Wayne Swan and are listed below.

When: 8.30pm – 9.15pm, Friday 22 nd September 9.00am – 5.00pm, Saturday 23 rd September

Where: National Press Club 16 National Cct, Barton, ACT

Who: The theme of the conference is “Building a Nation of Character.”

Speakers include -


8.30pm Dr Greg Clarke Are Australian values Christian values?


9:15am Prof Rex Adhar Outer limits of religious freedom

10.00am Prof James Haire Healing brokenness – the role of church and government

11.20am Hon Peter Costello Christian values and Australia’s heritage

12.15pm Wayne Swan Blueprint to halt the splintering of a nation

2.15pm Prof John Braithwaite Restorative justice – forgiveness, mercy and proportional punishment

3pm Bob Day Self Reliance: The significance of homeownership in strengthening families and building nations

Media Contact: Beth Micklethwaite