A Queensland Presbyterian hospital has reaffirmed its policy banning abortions except for the extremely rare occurrence where a mother’s life is in danger.

The church recently appointed a new board of governors for Toowoomba’s St Andrew’s Hospital after the previous board sought to remove the church’s oversight.

Despite misleading media commentary, the new board’s reaffirmation of the hospital’s existing policy does not mean women with ectopic pregnancies will not be treated.

The reaffirmation of the pro-life policy by the new board under the chairmanship of Rev Andrew Clarke means that abortions on babies with pre-birth diagnoses for disabilities such as Down Syndrome will not be performed.

Sadly, the eugenic practice of aborting disabled babies is commonplace and has been advocated by Parliamentarians.

In 2008, the Queensland Senator Claire Moore told a Senate inquiry http://www.aph.gov.au/Senate/committee/fapa_ctte/health_insurance_regs/submissions/sub436coverletter.pdf that Medicare funding of late term abortion was needed to ensure that the birth of disabled babies did not become a drain on the disability services budget http://www.aph.gov.au/Senate/committee/fapa_ctte/health_insurance_regs/submissions/sub436.pdf (see page 10 of her submission made on behalf of 41 colleagues).

The Presbyterian Church should be congratulated for standing up for the human rights of the unborn, including the disabled.