Several thousand Victorians took to the streets in the 6th Annual March for The Babies on 11 October 2014. The March is held to mourn the loss of life through abortion and to express support for women who may have had an abortion or who may be contemplating one.

Speaking from the steps of Victoria’s Parliament House, Lord Chris Monckton, said that abortion is not the unforgivable sin and that every woman who has had an abortion will find comfort and healing in any building that has a cross on top of it.

Record numbers at the March demonstrate that the issue of abortion is not settled in Victoria .Speakers called on legislators to repeal the Abortion Law Reform Act 200, which allows the killing of an unborn baby up to the time of birth.

The recently released Reports by the Consultative Council on Obstetric and Paediatric Mortality and Morbidity for 2010 and 2011 reveal that in those 2 years there were 744 post 20 week abortions. Of those, 374 were for psychosocial reasons.

Michael Gidley MP challenged the notion, commonly expressed by parliamentarians, that abortion law was permanently resolved in 2008, when the Act was passed.

"This law and everything about it is wrong. A law that allows sex selection abortion, a law that takes away freedom of conscience, a law that takes away life, a law that does not provide the support and the care and fellowship to those women, to those mothers, when they need it is a law that is wrong”

Victoria Police are to be commended on the professional way that they protected the March and Rally from disruption by about 50 pro-abortion protesters.

The march was held within days of Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks revealing that her hit song Sara, released 25 years ago, mourns the loss of her unborn child to abortion. Stevie and those who marched remind us that abortion trauma never ends, nor does motherhood.