Recently new Greens leader Cassy O’Connor tabled a motion seeking the Tasmanian Parliaments’ in principle support for ‘marriage equality’. The motion could be voted on as early as this Wednesday afternoon.

I have written to every State Liberal Party MP in Tasmania asking them to vote against the motion.

The motion is a political stunt and a waste of parliamentary time. Similar motions have been brought at a local council level causing much community division. “Why on earth are our elected leaders wasting time on something they have no jurisdiction over” is a commonly voiced frustration. The motion does not impact legislation anyway.

Marriage is a Federal Issue. The Federal Government supports the Marriage Act 1961 definition of marriage being between a man and women. The Government, including the new Prime Minister, has agreed that a plebiscite, to be conducted after the next Federal Election, will determine if this definition should continue.

‘Marriage equality’ is a loaded term that can be interpreted in many ways. Opening up marriage to same-sex couples will result in inequality (injustice) for children by depriving them of one of their birth parents. It will also result in unequal (unjust) treatment of those who do not agree with its ideology.

We have already witnessed this in Tasmania. Tasmanian Archbishop Julian Porteous has had a claim made against him to the Anti-Discrimination Commissioner regarding his propagating biblical teaching on marriage. This is a typical experience in jurisdictions where same-sex marriage has been legalised. Have you signed ACL’s petition to remove the offending legislation being used to target the Archbishop?

Please also urgently email your State MP now and ask them to vote against this motion.


Mark Brown