Pressure on state governments to respect parents’ rights to opt out of the harmful “Safe Schools” program is heating up with the release of a damning report produced by a New South Wales Parliamentary committee.

The Safe Schools program introduces children to radical queer theory teaching children their gender is fluid. It encourages schools to allow biological males to use girls’ toilet and change facilities and urges teachers not to refer to children as boys or girls.

A report into the sexualisation of children and young people, from the NSW Parliamentary Committee on Children and Young People, has recommended that the Department of Education require schools to consult with parents prior to any implementation of the “Safe Schools” program and require that parents choose whether to opt in to this program.

It also recommends that parents should be given the right to withdraw their child from the program at any stage.

Australian Christian Lobby Spokesperson for Children, Wendy Francis, welcomed the recommendations but said the program, which is based on Marxist ideology and gender theory, should be scrapped.

“Nonetheless, the Committee’s recommendations will put pressure on all state governments to explain why they are yet to implement parental consent measures mandated by Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham,” Ms Francis said.

“The states have had eight months to get this sorted and parents are still in the dark about the consent process,” she said.

“The NSW government and other state governments should act swiftly in response to this report if they want to restore trust with parents.

“Parents have a right to decide what is best for their children, including in their education. It is clear that Safe Schools is on the nose with parents.

“The ACL calls on state governments to ensure that a transparent parental consent process is put in place prior to the 2017 school year,” Ms Francis said.

Ms Francis warned that even if the committee’s recommendations were implemented, it would be difficult for parents to completely opt out of the program because “Safe Schools” was now interwoven into the curriculum.

“One of the challenges of giving parents a choice to opt out of Safe Schools is that queer themes are laced throughout the curriculum and propagated through policies, posters and school assemblies,” she said.

“This means the government will have a hard time disentangling schools from discredited queer theory. It highlights why ‘Safe Schools’ should never have been introduced in the first place.”

The recommendations come amid increasing pressure from the community to scrap the program.

In August a 17,000 signature petition from the Chinese-Australian community against Safe Schools was tabled in the NSW parliament. The NSW Department of Education has also hidden the list of schools involved.

Parental concerns led to a Federal Government directive in March to change some aspects of the program including the requirement that parents be consulted.

The research underpinning Safe Schools has been discredited in a report by Sydney University Professor Patrick Parkinson who warned that it was flawed and misleading.

A new report from the Australian Christian Lobby details the ideological roots of the program and reveals how it’s implementation has led to children who question the program being bullied.