Queensland Labor’s plan to set aside five per cent of winnable seats to LGBTI candidates risks alienating a large proportion of Queenslanders, according to the Australian Christian Lobby.

ACL Queensland Director, Wendy Francis, said it would be difficult for Queenslanders to understand why the Labor Party had chosen to introduce a quota for LGBTI candidates at last weekend’s Queensland Labor Conference, but not ones for other segments of the community.

The motion was put to the conference by Rainbow Labor, a powerful lobby group which advocates for LGBTI issues within the party.

“The Labor Party is sending the message that it is more concerned with embracing Rainbow politics than providing policies that benefit all Queenslanders,” Ms Francis said.

“The comments from Federal Labor leader Bill Shorten that ‘Labor is light years ahead when it comes to electing Australians from ­diverse backgrounds to office’ begs the question; ‘Why not have quotas for Christians and Muslims? After all, more than 60 per cent of Australians identify as Christian’.”

“If the Labor Party is to be consistent, it should have a significant representation of Christians and people of other faiths allocated quotas.

“No explanation has been given as to why LGBTI candidates will be given preselection over indigenous candidates who have to wait until 2030 before they are considered in quotas.

“How far is the Labor Party willing to go to in ensuring each segment of the community has representation in Parliament? 

“It is difficult to see how quotas will improve the democratic processes that Queenslander enjoy,” she said.

“If the Queensland Labor Party continues to embrace rainbow ideology it will not auger well for parents and teachers who have concerns about programs such as ‘Safe Schools’, that teaches children their gender is fluid.

“As the next state election looms closer, the Labor Government will need to reassure a large proportion of Queenslanders that it has not abandoned them in their pursuit of rainbow ideology.”