The Australian Christian Lobby has called on the Federal Government to require pornography websites to install age-verification software to protect children from confronting sexual imagery.

It comes in response to announced plans by the UK Government to make porn website administrators prove their users are at least 18 or face massive fines.

“The UK Government is providing an example for the Australian Government to follow in ensuring children are safe from the negative impacts of pornography,” ACL spokesperson for children, Wendy Francis said.

Leading Australian psychologist and CEO of the Australian Childhood Foundation, Dr Joe Tucci, recently warned, Pornography is changing the landscape of children’s sense of themselves and their relationships. The impact of its messages are amplified by its availability to children and young people.”

A recent UK study found that half of secondary school pupils had watched online pornography, which experts warn gives them a warped view of sexual relationships.

Meanwhile, Australian academics report that more than two in five children between 9-16 years old have been confronted by sexual imagery - often accidentally - in the past 12 months

“The ACL calls on the Australian Government to put children’s rights first by looking carefully at what the UK are doing. We can no longer ignore the impact of pornography on our children in this social media and technologically savvy young generation," Ms Francis said.