The Australian Christian Lobby has expressed concern with new Victorian school guidelines that allow girls as young as 11 access to contraceptives and sexual advice without parental consent.

The $44 million Doctors in Secondary Schools program is particularly disturbing because it allows teachers to overrule the rights of parents to have access to their child’s health information.

“11-year-old children who are seeking contraception should be counselled against sexual activity, not given contraception to enable them to be sexually active. Protection from pregnancy is not the only concern here,” ACL spokesperson for children Wendy Francis said.

The doctor can make a decision on whether the student is mature enough to consent to their own medical treatment.

"The Andrews Government is stopping parents obtaining access to critical health information affecting their children,” Ms Francis said.

 “We call on the government to ensure that parents are informed of any discussions between doctors and their children at school, and that parental consent is required for medical treatment for minors.

“The government cannot use the time that it has children in its care to provide medical advice and treatment to children without informing parents,” Ms Francis said.

“This appears to be an extension of the Safe Schools program in which children are advised that their gender is fluid, without parents' consent.

“If parents object, the author of Safe Schools Roz Ward has said 'Tough Luck'."