I believe abortion will be abolished in our generation.

We know it is a house of cards when we can’t even face the truth.

Wendy Francis writes powerfully in On Line Opinion about how the French recently banned from television images of smiling Down Syndrome babies.

Why? Because they might cause offence to men and women who have chosen to kill their unborn babies because they were not perfect.

Tell that to Steven Payne, the Down Syndrome strapper for 2015 Melbourne Cup winning jockey Michelle Payne. 

I first viewed my children at age nine weeks on grainy black and white ultrasound. Even this clearly revealed – wait for it – a baby. Not a blob of foetal tissue as the 1970s-generation wanted us to believe, but a moving, living baby with a clearly beating heart.

Many years later when my younger sister smsed me a colour picture of her first child unborn but alive in her womb, I knew the abortion industry had a big problem.

No one really knows how many abortions occur each year in Australia – governments are too afraid to keep proper statistics. The best estimate puts it at 100,000. One Melbourne Cricket Ground of babies don’t make it out of their mother’s womb alive each year.

Tony Abbott once referred to this as an “unutterable shame” and was pilloried. He was right.

Our inability to support women in pregnancy with choices other than death for her unborn child is the greatest failure of our generation.

The journey towards consigning abortion to a thing of the past begins with facing hard truths.

The Catholic Women’s League of Tasmania has come up with a compassionate way.

They have commissioned a granite and marble sculpture to women and their babies.

It will stand in the grounds of St John’s Catholic Church in Richmond Tasmania, just outside Hobart.

St John’s is Australia’s oldest Catholic Church.

As far as I can tell, this is the first time such a memorial has been commissioned. I hope it will become a place of pilgrimage for all of us and place of healing for women who have been lied to.

It might even provide healing for fathers who regret pressuring their wives or girlfriends.

The granite and the marble have arrived and work is underway. If you would like to contribute to the $20,000 cost of the memorial (the CWL is half way there) to make it happen, here are the Electronic Funds Transfer details:

Account name: CWL Tasmania Inc Operational Account

BSB 067000

Account number 1004984

Cheques can be made payable to CWL Tasmania Inc and posted to CWL State Treasurer,

65 Main Rd, Sorell, Tasmania 7172.

Let’s make abortion history.