Thankyou for your incredible financial support!

I’m pleased to say we exceeded our June fundraising target and this has positioned us well for the next phase.

I’m thankful to God for this and to the thousands of you who were moved to donate.

Your support is keeping a place open in the media and political discourse for the truth of marriage when hostile forces are trying to aggressively shut you and me out.

You are helping us tackle head-on the culture of death through the latest push to legalise doctor-assisted suicide in Victoria.

You are helping us push back on the sexual exploitation of women and girls.

You are helping us provide scholarships to train future leaders. You are resourcing a voice in the courts to defend Christians who are falling foul of the law for exercising their consciences.

You are helping us speak up for persecuted Christians overseas – whose plight makes our challenges here look like first world problems.

While the ACL Team works on a wide range of issues, there is no doubt that preserving marriage, freedom and the rights of children has been our top priority for many years.

I make no apology for this because the battle for marriage is just a proxy for a wider agenda to de-authorise Christianity and redefine what it means to be a human creature - male and female.

It constantly amazes me that this war is at the centre of our nation’s politics.

Whether it is Labor losing two elections in a row promising to legislate same-sex marriage in 100 days or Christopher Pyne’s “winners circle” of Liberal party “moderates” seeking to undermine the Government’s election promise to hold a peoples’ vote, this issue is political poison.

For politicians the stakes are high and they are high for Christians and for the rest of our fellow Australians.

It is naïve to think there are no consequences.

That is why it was disappointing to have former Liberal MP Bruce Baird, the father of former NSW Premier Mike, go on Christian radio last Sunday night criticising ACL and defending Christopher Pyne for wanting to trash his promise to the people of Australia.

Like Mr Baird, I wish that we were not talking about same-sex marriage. I agree that there are many other issues and of course ACL does its best to engage the broad range of Christian concern with limited resources. We do walk and chew gum.

But to be silent about the relentless push of activists to redefine marriage is to be silent about the consequences. It is a profound injustice to deliberately deny children the love of their mother or father by setting up a legal apparatus which locks in this injustice.

Silence is to live in denial about the flow-on effects of legalising and normalising commercial surrogacy and anonymous sperm donation. Unless we are going to have childless gay marriages in Australia and no-one is suggesting that.

The Bible, whose legitimacy in Australian public life is under the most sustained attack since our nation was founded, says we are called to speak for the voiceless. As well as the refugee, the poor and persecuted, this includes the child gestated for money and given over to two gay married men, never to know his or her mother.

It includes the child who only ever knows her father as a “donor” and misses out on the childhood love of the man who gave her life.

As the father of a daughter, I am in wonder of the special bound I share with her. As a father of three boys I marvel at the different bond of love my boys share with their mother, whose husband I happen to be.

In popular culture’s rush to redefine marriage and family we rarely see the wonder and beauty of the timeless family portrayed – let alone promoted – in media.

You only have to glace at the “sexuality” webpage of the tax-payer funded SBS.

We live in an age of unreason.

The increasing rates of sexual abuse of minors by minors fuelled by pornography is further evidence that the sexual revolution is not working out well.

The battle for marriage in public policy has already been long. There is no sign of it ending but there are small signs of momentum shifting our way.  We need to be committed for the long haul.

That’s why your partnership with us is so vital.