Media Release: Thursday, 7 December, 2006

The Australian Christian Lobby registered its disappointed at the passing of the Patterson Bill by the House of Representatives last night, which legalised the cloning of human embryos for the purpose of destructive research.

“We have made the amazing decision that it is right to create and destroy one life in order to save another,” said Jim Wallace, the Managing Director of ACL.

“More that that, we have somehow decided that something so unanimously condemned as morally wrong only three years ago, can suddenly be right today,” he said. “The PM was right to say that we have entered a very relativist era, and mankind will be all the poorer for it.”

“If there was one good point to come of the passage of this atrocious piece of legislation, it is that we have men and women of principle on both sides who have done themselves proud in speaking against it,” he said. “It was particularly pleasing to see the excellent leadership shown by prominent national leaders such as Mr Howard, Mr Vaile, Mr Costello and Mr Rudd, who all stood up for the time honoured principle of the sanctity of life.”

“We know of course that this won’t be the end of science’s demands to keep public conscience out of its business. It won’t be long before cloning enthusiasts are back seeking ways around the inevitable shortage of eggs, requesting the use of the animal - human hybrids they lost in the Bartlett amendment, trying to cajole more women to donate ova, and who knows what else.”

“One thing is certain, last night human life was greatly devalued in Australia.”

Contact: Jim Wallace