In Brief

  • IBM and ANZ bow to gay activist pressure to suppress free speech on marriage

  • Write a letter to the Editor of the Australian newspaper (, which carries the story

  • Contact ANZ and IBM and express your concern, especially if you are a customer

Today’s Weekend Australian carries an article by columnist Christopher Pearson detailing how gay activists have succeed in shutting down free speech supporting marriage in the e-journal On Line Opinion.

On Line Opinion founding editor Graham Young said he was attacked and intimidated by gay activists unhappy with him running an article by the respected pro-family campaigner Bill Muehlenberg.

Most of the articles Young has published about the gay marriage debate have supported gay marriage, but this was not good enough for the activists who seemingly cannot tolerate any diversity of opinion.

Pearson reveals that IBM and ANZ Bank pulled their advertising from On Line Opinion after the Muehlenberg article was published.

ANZ is quoted as saying:

"The removal of our advertising should not be viewed as a violation of free speech; it's simply that we choose not to advertise on blogs that do not align to our organisational values."

This nonsensical and contradictory comment is disturbing for many reasons. But it is unbelievable that a bank whose bread and butter is young married couples with mortgages implies that marriage does not align with its values.

If you are concerned about this, you might like to:

  • Write a letter to the editor of The Australian -

  • Contact ANZ or IBM and ask them to support family values and not bow to pressure to suppress debate.

Ours is a participatory democracy and this is a debate which needs our participation.