Media Release: Thursday, 15 June, 2006

The Australian Christian Lobby applauded the Government and Family First’s successful defeat of the disallowance motion, which might otherwise have reinvigorated the ACT’s civil union legislation.

“The Government’s strong stand on this issue has prevented homosexual activists from deconstructing the whole ideal of marriage,” said Jim Wallace, the Managing Director of the Australian Christian Lobby.

“It is quite unbelievable that 1.8% of the population should seek to have a homosexual union held up and given the same standing as marriage. There is much politically correct nonsense spoken about homosexuality, but the reality is that until the majority of parents in Australia would be happy for their children to enter into a relationship of this type, it should not be endorsed by Government as equal to marriage,” he said.

“Of course the only reason it has got this far, is because Mr Stanhope has sponsored it, taking as usual much more interest in his personal libertarian agendas than in governing the ACT, which faces 39 school closures thanks to his government’s mismanagement,” said Mr Wallace.

While it seems that some members of Labor avoided voting with their party on the motion by absenting themselves through pairing, ACL was not appreciative of Labor’s position on the issue as a Party.

“The Federal Labor Party’s stand on this issue has also been most disappointing. Voting to uphold the ACT legislation because of a reluctance to see a Labor Territory government trumped, is simply not good enough. The Christian constituency will have seen the Party’s actions as placing political imperatives before societal values,” he said.

Contact: Jim Wallace