Many people are wondering if same-sex marriage is legislated, what comes next?

What will kids be taught in school?

The King and King story-book in Massachusetts primary schools is but one example of the teaching of inappropriate concepts to children in the wake of same-sex marriage.

But one doesn’t have to look overseas or even beyond the legal redefinition of marriage here to get a foretaste of what is to come.

ACL Supporters will be aware of the so-called Safe Schools Coalition.

Dressed up as an anti-bullying program, it encourages children to cross-dress at school and demands the school accept this.

Children are presented with information that downplays the danger of sexually transmitted diseases and introduced to concepts every thinking parent hopes they won’t Google.

Its ‘seven-ways-to-bind your chest’ advice to girls is one of the most shocking things I’ve ever seen done in the name of a government program.

This is a practice designed to help girls who think they might be a boy to stop their breasts from developing.

The Minus 18 website which is promoted by Safe Schools even advises that this practice is harmful, possibly lethal. I kid you not. ACL is seeking legal advice about whether our state and federal governments are liable should a girl be harmed by their advice.

ACL has taken this material to state and federal politicians but so far we have not been able to convince them to act.

Safe Schools is funded by the Commonwealth but State Governments allow access of it to their schools.

The program is now in more than 400 Australian schools, including primary schools.

Last week we launched an on-line campaign.

Thousands have already emailed their state members of parliament asking them to remove the program from schools.

The campaign website has a list of schools which have signed up. You can check if the kids in your local area are being exposed to this radical program.

In Queensland, our Director Wendy Francis started an on-line petition to the Queensland Government urging them to stop this program.

Already it is the biggest e-petition on the Parliament’s website. If you live in Queensland, please make sure you sign it before Monday October 12 when it closes. Be sure to share it with your friends on social media.

It is hard to fathom how our society has come to this. But it is important we don’t lose hope and continue speaking up.

Programs like this thrive on silence.

Thanks for your efforts to break the silence.