The consequences of years of debate about removing the gender requirement from marriage are beginning to show.

If Australians let elites redefine marriage, schools will not be safe for parents who believe boys should be boys and girls should be girls.

Australian Christian Lobby Managing Director Lyle Shelton said news that the “Safe Schools” founder Roz Ward is to today lead a class of nine-year olds in western Melbourne  in the gender change of a child was further evidence of the consequences of the long-running debate to remove gender from marriage.

Mr Shelton said a media report quoting parents whose concerns had been ignored should worry every parent who holds to the biological truth about their children’s gender.

“Ros Ward has previously dismissed parents’ concerns with the words ‘tough luck’ and the Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has said parents who have concerns are ‘bigots’,” Mr Shelton said.

“Mr Andrews is one of the biggest supporters of redefining marriage and he is making ‘Safe Schools’ compulsory in Victorian high schools.

“Mr Andrews has also ignored the federal government’s directive to pull ‘Safe Schools’ from primary schools and is going it alone.

“With the consequences of the rainbow political movement beginning to become evident, it is no wonder political elites are trying to use the Senate to stop the Australian people from being allowed to have a say about whether or not the gender requirement is removed from the Marriage Act.”

ACL is urging Victorian residents to sign an on-line petition urging Mr Andrews to let parents have a say about whether or not their children are exposed to ‘Safe Schools’ programs.

“Politicians really need to take back control of the classroom from the political activists seeking to induct children into homosexual and gender theory ideas,” Mr Shelton said.

“Parents are rightly concerned about the safety issues ‘Safe Schools’ creates by telling schools to allow boys identifying as girls to use the girls toilet facilities.

“Parents are rightly concerned about their children being led by ‘Safe Schools’  into changing their gender and being instructed in  ‘penis tucking’ and ‘chest binding’ and even sex change surgery.”