In the last week, the ACL has been quoted in the media on issues such as poker machine reform, outdoor advertising in Queensland, safe injecting rooms in Victoria, and taxpayer's funding religious denigration in South Australia. See below for links to mentions in the media.

On the religiously denigrating 'Come Heckle Christ' comedy show in South Australia:

On outdoor advertising in Queensland:

On poker machine reform:

Dan Flynn had a Letter to the Editor published in the Herald Sun this week entitled "Needle message harmful." In it, he argues against the recent proposed rollout of needle vending machines in a bid to cut infection rates among injecting drug users. Last year, ACL welcomed the Victorian Government's rejection of calls for a drug injecting trial in Melbourne, arguing that injecting illicit drugs can never be made safe. See below Dan's letter in the Herald Sun:

Dan letter to editor herald sun


Dan letter to editor herald sun 2