In the last week the ACL's Jim Wallace has commented in the media on issues relating to asylum seekers and the announcement about women being allowed to fight on the front lines. See below for a full list.

ACL’s MD Jim Wallace spoke to Sky News’ Peter van Onselen for the Showdown program on Tuesday 27 September 2011 about asylum seekers

ACL’s MD Jim Wallace spoke to 6PR’s Howards Sattler on Tuesday 27th September about the Defence Minister’s announcement that women would be able to serve on the front lines

ACL’s MD Jim Wallace had an opinion piece published in ABC Religion on Friday the 23rd September “Exposing Chrys Stevenson's blind faith

ACL's COS Lyle Shelton spoke to UCB news about Greens' vilification of Will Hodgman and supporters of marriage in light of last week's motion in Tasmania giving in-principle support to same-sex marriage.

ACL's Queensland State Director Wendy Francis spoke to 4BC's Greg Carey about the issue of removing the terms BC and AD and replacing it with BCE and CE in the Australian national curriculum on the 26th September 2011.