In the last week, the Australian Christian Lobby has commented in the media in relation to prostitution and human trafficking; the situation in Egypt with the death 26 people, mostly Coptic Christians, on Sunday night after Christians protesting church attacks; and a condom advertisement near a school in Brisbane.



Christian Today 2011, “Christian lobby: further evidence of failures of legalising brothels”  12 October 2011 Christian Today

Religious Persecution

Gartrell, A 2011 “Govt to consider Egypt visa extensions”  11 October 2011 Ninemsn

International News Magazine 2011, “Australian Government needs to apply stronger diplomatic pressure on Egypt”  11 October 2011 The International News Magazine

Sexualisation of Society

Queensland State Director Wendy Francis was quoted in the media in relation to a condom advertisement near a school that was taken down.

Feeney, K 2011 “Fresh controversy over bus stop condom ads”  October 11, 2011 Sydney Morning Herald & Brisbane Times

Ma, W 2011 “Condom ad outside school pulled” October 12, 2011 Adnews

CathNews 2011, “Provocative condom ad too close to Catholic school”  11 October 2011 Cath News

Mrs Francis spoke to QUT News for radio news grab on the issue as well on 12 October 2011


ACL’s COS Lyle Shelton spoke to UCB news about same-sex marriage, the immigration act and Parliament resuming this week on the Monday 10 October 2011