In the last week, the ACL has commented on issues relating to marriage and prostitution. For a full list of commentary, please see below.


ACL MD Jim Wallace’s commented on the move to allow conscience vote on changing the Marriage Act, “Prime Minister Julia Gillard seeks conscience vote on same-sex marriage

Tasmanian same-sex registry

Tasmanian Director Mark Brown spoke to The Examiner about same-sex registries, and some comments were reported in the story “Couples sign on dotted line

Qld Civil Partnerships Bill

ACL’s Queensland Director Wendy Francis appeared before a Legal Affairs Committee in Queensland on the government introducing a Civil Partnerships Bill 2011. See the Media Release and her speech for more information. Ms Francis was quoted in the Courier Mail, “Gay Couples against Queensland bid to recognise civil unions says Australian Christian Lobby”, ABC News “Qld Parliamentary committee prepares for civil unions hearing” and Ninemsn "Civil unions hearing clashes over emails" . Ms Francis also spoke to ABC’s 612 Terri Begley "Civil unions bill - both sides of the debate" , AAP and 4BC.

Prostitution and Sex Trafficking

MD Jim Wallace commented to the Daily Telegraph on the story, Sydney escort agency selling 19-year-old virgin, that a Sydney Escort Agency was selling a 19-year-old’s virginity. He also had an opinion piece published on the Daily Telegraph: “Virginity sale shows state of morality” . The story was also picked up by International Business Times  and Fox News

Still on the issue of prostitution, ACL’s prostitution and sex trafficking spokeswoman Michelle Pearse was interviewed by Eternity News about legalising prosititution for the story “How God lifted me out of the sex-trade ‘rat hole’”.