In the last week the ACL has been quoted in the media on issues such as government internet filtering, human rights of women and proposed amendments to anti-discrimination legislation in Tasmania. ACL's Victorian Director Dan Flynn also had a letter to the editor published in the Herald Sun. See below for links to mentions in the media.

On the mandatory internet filter:

On anti-discrimination legislation in Tasmania:

On human rights of women:

Below is a copy of Dan Flynn's letter to the editor published in the printed Herald Sun on Friday 9 November, 2012:

Bolte Billboards ‘tacky” and unwelcoming

Jeff Kennett is right to decry the advertisement of SEXPO and the equally large billboard advertising products for longer sexual activities that frame both sides of the Bolte Bridge-“the gateway” to Melbourne.(Sex & Cheating are absolutely unwelcome- Jeff Kennett,7 November 2012).

I also drove that same stretch of the Bolte Bridge on the weekend and worried about the highly sexualised message we are sending our children as they look out of the car window to take in what Kennett has rightly described as the "wonderful sight" of Melbourne from the elevation of the Bolte Bridge.

Exposing children to this sexually charged advertising confronts them with messages that are clearly inappropriate in this public space.

A number of submissions to the recent Victorian Law Reform Committee's enquiry into sexting, including that of the Australian Christian Lobby, highlighted that sexting by young people (with its attendant harms) takes place against a background of an increasingly sexualised culture.

Those who regulate our public spaces and billboards should ensure that we are not robbing children of their innocence.