In the last week the ACL has commented in the media in relation to the gay marriage debate. It was also mentioned in relation to a petition it gathered which had 52,000 signatures on it supporting the current defintion of marriage.


ACL was mentioned in SMH "Katter brother boosts same-sex marriage " August, 24, 2011

ACL mentioned in Daily Mercury "52,00 support traditional marriage" August 24, 2011 which was also in The Chronicle, Queensland Times, Fraser Coast Chronicle, Gympie Times, News Mail

ACL’s MD Jim Wallace spoke to 96.3 FM’s Guryel Ali about the marriage petition on August 25, 2011

ACL’s MD Jim Wallace interviewed by Vision on the 50 church leaders supporting marriage document August 24. 2011

ACL’s COS Lyle Shelton spoke to The Wire about gay marriage “MP's have their say over gay marriage”  August 24, 2011

ACL’s COS Lyle Shelton spoke to MTR1377AM about gay marriage  August 24, 2011

ACL’s MD Jim Wallace interviewed by 2UE, 2GB and ABC about gay marriage on August 24, 2011

ACL was mentioned in AAP “Calls for conscience vote on gay marriage” August 24, 2011 this story was republished here

ACL’s press release republished in “Overwhelming support for marriage to stay the same

ACL release on gay marriage debate mentioned on What the People Want “Who cares about gay marriage?”  August 24, 2011

ACL’s Wendy Francis mentioned in Brisbane Times “No love for gay marriage among Queensland MPs"  August 23 2011

ACL’s Jim Wallace mentioned in Good Weekend Magazine “Violent video games: fun hobby or mass murder training tool?”  Monday 23 August, 2011