Media Release

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Australian Christian Lobby has welcomed news the NSW Government is considering introducing laws to reinstate a child’s biological heritage on a birth certificate.

The ACL’s NSW State Director David Hutt said birth certificates should be a record of genetic parentage for children, which was detailed in the ACL’s submission to the Inquiry into Inclusion of Donor Details on the register of births .

“A child’s genetic identity is a question of fact, and not of family circumstance or makeup,” Mr Hutt said. “The register of births should be a record of truth. It should not be manipulated to satisfy the sensitivities of adults,” he said.

“It has taken the heart-wrenching story that we heard last year about a sperm donor being removed from his child’s birth certificate, for politicians and society to realise the impact of laws that remove fathers and mothers from birth certificates.

“The NSW Parliament now has an opportunity to amend laws to ensure birth certificates record accurately the truth of a person’s birth,” he said.