a. Sex & Gender theory education

The controversial Safe Schools program introduces gender theory to school children as though it

were fact. Tasmania and NSW have withdrawn Safe Schools and similar type programs but have

had to exercise vigilance to ensure that gender theory is not included in the school curriculum under

different names.

a) Does your party have a policy on whether gender theory should be taught in schools and, if

so, could you please state what that policy is? I am an Independent and NO I unreservedly

do NOT support this kind of misleading information being forced fed to our children under

the guise of “education”. I actually find it alarming.

b) Does your party commit to withdrawing the controversial Safe Schools program and other

similar programs already being taught? Absolutely and totally.

The Federal Labor party has stated its intention, if elected to government, is to provide federal

funding to the Safe Schools program. In this event, will your party:

a) Refuse federal funding and maintain a commitment to keep gender theory programs out of

the classroom? I commit to keeping these types of programs out of our classrooms.


b. Abortion

The Law Reform Commission (LRC) is currently considering abortion laws in Queensland and is

expected to report in the second half of 2018.

a) Does your party propose to change current abortion laws in Queensland and, if so, how?

Could you please outline your party’s policy on abortion? No I do not propose to change

them. While I accept the difficult positions many women may find themselves with an

unwanted pregnancy, I also have the belief that there is no such thing as an unwanted child.

Someone wants them and I hope that is the outcome. However that does not totally preclude

me from being against abortion. I can see a time (unfortunately) with the worlds population

explosion issues where abortion will possibly be one of the solutions for some women.

b) Will you adhere to this policy for the entire 56th parliament? Yes.

c) Will your party commit to voting against the introduction of legislation that reduces

protections for the unborn within the next parliament? Not without clarification.

d) Will your party commit to an inquiry into why babies that are currently born alive are not

given medical assistance to stay alive? Need to know more about this and the reasons.


c. Euthanasia

Various state governments have debated the introduction of laws to allow assisted suicide or


a) Will your party commit to ensuring that euthanasia is not legalised in Queensland? No. I

have witnessed too many suffering the cruelty of pain and looming death who have wanted

to take matters into their own hands. A difficult choice for anyone but I believe that is their

choice. I have to right to impose that level of suffering on anyone. I did not do that to my

beloved dog recently and we find that acceptable, but if it was me or a loved one asking for

it I would respect their wishes.

b) Will your party commit to voting against the introduction of legislation concerning

euthanasia or assisted suicide within the next parliament? Against the choice of euthanasia –

No as per my comments above. Suicide is a whole different question.


d. Outdoor advertising

Advertising standards are currently supervised under a system of self-regulation administered by the

Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB), which relies on the voluntary compliance of advertisers.

While it sounds admirable on paper, this system of self-regulation in practice fails to compel

compliance from advertisers, whose commercial interests are better served through displaying

sexual imagery. There are no penalties, no fines, no consequences for advertisers who consistently

delight in flouting community standards and triumphing publicly over their critics.

a) Will your party commit to a policy to ensure that outdoor advertising is ‘G’ rated? YES.

b) Will your party commit to introducing legislation to penalise advertisers who repeatedly

breach the code? YES.


e. Prostitution

The University of Queensland has found that the legalisation of brothels in Queensland has failed to

curb the growth of prostitution, with up to 90 percent of Queensland’s prostitution industry

remaining unregulated and illegal. Sex trafficking continues to be a problem. Internationally,

policies discouraging demand for sexual services are proving to be the most effective way of

limiting both the size of and the harms resulting from prostitution. The policy approach known as

the “Nordic model” comprises three essential elements:

· buying sexual services becomes a criminal offence. The message that purchasing sexual

services is socially unacceptable can be reinforced with public education campaigns. Sorry

do no know enough about this issue.

· selling sexual services is decriminalised

· funding and support is provided for exit strategies to assist prostituted persons to leave this

industry. Yes.

a) Will your party commit to a meaningful examination of this successful policy approach to

prostitution with a view to implementing a similar approach in Queensland? Don't know

enough about it.


f. Human Rights Bill

In the event that a ‘Yes’ result is returned in the current national opinion survey on same-sex

marriage, and same-sex marriage becomes law:

c) There has been some discussion concerning the introduction of a Bill to protect human

rights. What is your party’s policy on this issue? How will your party ensure that such a bill

gives equality to the rights of freedom of freedom of thought conscience and religion and

freedom of expression so that they do not become subservient to the right of nondiscrimination?

Agree with you. In a country that prides itself on their democratic principles,

I uphold the rights of each individual to follow their own standards and would not want to

see anothers standards imposed unwillingly upon them.

d) Specifically how will your party protect the freedom of thought conscience and religion and

freedom of expression of the substantial number of Queenslanders who will not want to use

their professional and/or artistic skills to be involved in same-sex marriages? Give them the

right to choose and uphold those rights.

e) Section 124A of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991, a so-called “hate speech” provision has

been used recently to suppress freedom of speech. In a free and democratic society,

commentators should have the freedom to argue points of view without the threat of

coercive action against them if they cause offense. Will your party commit to an

examination of the impact that s124A has had on free speech and consider amending or

removing this section? ABSOLUTELY.


g. Child safety – Foster system

There are currently 9000 children in foster care in Queensland. Recent figures show that there have

been only 2 adoptions.

a) What is your party’s policy with regard to foster care? Will your party commit to reform the

Queensland foster care system and adoption procedures to provide permanency and stability

for children in foster care? YES.