IND - Hetty Johnston



1 - Sex & Gender theory education

I have serious concerns about Safe Schools and believe anti-bullying school campaigns need to focus on the core issue around RESPECT for others regardless of gender, sexuality, physical attributes, race, religion etc.  I believe it is folly to focus on one issue when there are so many issues where a lack of tolerance and understanding exists.   Also, how we teach our children around sex related issues is critical.  We need to allow children to be children, to teach children critical messages that are age appropriate and focus on actual effectiveness of message delivery rather than meeting a philosophical agenda.  


2 - Abortion

The issue around abortion is highly emotional, obviously for good reason.  Here is my position.  I am 100% against mid and late term abortion.  I am pro-choice for those whose own health and well-being is being affected by an unplanned pregnancy, those who are raped, those who have mental health issues etc.  I am pro adoption.  I do not support a policy that supports opportunity to those who use abortion as a means of contraception.  There must be a wy to regulate the situations in which abortion is an option and when it is not.  I don’t believe we should legislate for a 100% NO or  YES outcome. 

Of course, I will need to be better informed and I look forward to that opportunity.


3 - Euthanasia

I support voluntary euthanasia in line with the NSW legislation.


4 - Outdoor advertising

(a)   YES

(b)   YES


5 - Prostitution

a)     Will your party commit to a meaningful examination of this successful policy approach to prostitution with a view to implementing a similar approach in Queensland?



6 - Human rights Bill

This is a federal issue.  I trust the freedom of religion will be protected as it should be. 


7 - Child safety – Foster system

Will your party commit to reform the Queensland foster care system and adoption procedures to provide permanency and stability for children in foster care?  YES