IND - Seath Holswich



1) Sex & Gender theory education

I do not support gender theory or the Safe Schools program being taught in Qld schools.

The Federal Labor party has stated its intention, if elected to government, is to provide federal funding to the Safe Schools program. In this event, will your party:

a)     Refuse federal funding and maintain a commitment to keep gender theory programs out of the classroom?

This isn’t relevant to me as an Independent. However, as stated above I do not support gender theory being taught in schools.

2) Abortion

I do not support any changes to the existing abortion laws in Queensland. I would vote against any changes such as those introduced into Qld Parliament in this previous term. I would be willing to call for an inquiry into why babies born alive are not given medical assistance to stay alive.

My position can be read at

3) Euthanasia

I would not support legislation to change Queensland’s current euthanasia laws.

4) Outdoor advertising

I support moves to apply classifications to billboard advertising in Queensland. I also support the resolution passed at the Australian Summit Against Sexual Exploitation in May 2017 calling for these changes.

My position on this issue can be read here:

5) Prostitution

I would support an inquiry into this issue. I haven’t studied the Nordic model enough to have a definitive position on it at this point of time.


6) Human Rights Bill

Freedom of thought, religion and expression is essential in Australia. I have no definitive position on whether a Human Rights Bill is necessary – it is not something I have researched adequately at this point in time. However, in light of the ‘yes’ vote in the same-sex marriage survey I would support in inquiry/examination of these provisions to ensure any new legislation does not reduce these freedoms.

7) Child safety – Foster system

Queensland’s foster care system and adoption practices need a significant overhaul. I would support any major party who introduce sensible reforms in this area and would personally contribute to inquiries and committee hearings on the matter.