IND - Thor Prohaska



There is no point in me publishing what my personal position is on these very important policy issues as my personal position is not necessarily how I will vote in parliament if I was elected.

The reason for this is that believe that an elected representative should represent what the majority in the electorate want and if elected that is what I will do. So regardless of what I think I will vote how the majority stand on these and all other policies. However, as a voter in Kurwongbah I do retain the right to argue in each policy debate for the position I support and to cast my personal vote within the electorate to determine what the majority want. But at the end of the day it will be the majority consensus position that I will represent in parliament.

If any Kurwongbah voter wants to know what my personal position is on any of these topics then I am more than happy to speak with them. My phone number is 0488 764 636. And here is the link to my website where I explain my position on Policies: