In October 2015, Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins introduced the Infant Viability Bill into the Victorian parliament. This is the first formal attempt at pro-life legislation in Victoria in decades, and the first legislative attempt to remedy the abortion law reforms of 2008. Under this Bill:

  • Abortions would no longer be allowed from the 24th week of pregnancy.
  • Infant viability will be promoted and supported (all infants born alive from the 24th week of pregnancy on-wards, including as the result of a medical emergency, must be cared for with the intent to save the infant’s life if at all possible).
  • Mothers who are at least 24 weeks pregnant, who present in distress to their doctor must be offered practical support, for example a referral to a pregnancy support service offering holistic care (such as counselling, social and practical support).
  • Mothers will not be criminalised or face any penalties.
35,000 signatures needed

To the Legislative Council of Victoria

The Petition of certain citizens of the State of Victoria draws to the attention of the House that because of the abortion legislation passed in Victoria in 2008:

  • Abortions are allowed to be performed up to the point of birth

  • Babies in the womb who have reached the age of viability and older are being aborted

  • It is not necessary for medical care to be provided to babies who have survived an abortion

  • There is no obligation for medical professionals to facilitate the provision of access to appropriate services such as pregnancy support, counselling, housing, mental health and other such services for pregnant women experiencing physical or emotional distress

The petitioners therefore request that the Legislative Council of Victoria support the Infant Viability Bill 2015 introduced by Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins which will rectify the problems with current law outlined above. 


This online petition builds on 24,874 handwritten petitions tabled in the Legislative Council as at 5 May 2016.