In the UK, the Red Cross has dismissed a volunteer for expressing his view against same-sex marriage.

Bryan Barkley, 71, was protesting the UK’s legal redefinition of marriage outside his local cathedral by holding a placard with the words “no same sex marriage”.

Barkley had volunteered with the Red Cross for nearly 20 years, but the Red Cross stated that it has to “consider the compatibility of people’s publicly expressed views with the [organisation’s] fundamental principles.”

Barkley, a civil engineer, said that freedom of expression is being stifled in the UK.

Meanwhile, in Northern Ireland, a bakery is being threatened with legal action on the grounds it discriminated against a customer by refusing to decorate a cake with the slogan “Support Gay Marriage”.

Ashers Baking Co is being pursued by the taxpayer-funded Equality Commission for Northern Ireland, which claims the bakery is guilty of “unlawful religious, political and sexual orientation discrimination”. The Commission demanded the family-run company pay compensation to the customer or face legal action.

The bakery’s manager, Daniel McArthur, said the family will refuse to cave in to the Equality Commission’s demands.