Media Release: Friday, July 10, 2009

The chance to better protect kids will be lost if a misleading campaign comparing the Rudd Government’s cyber safety policy with Iranian-style political repression sinks Internet Service Provider-level filtering.

Australian Christian Lobby Chief of Staff Lyle Shelton said if the claims made in an online advertisement aimed at getting the Rudd Government to drop its clean feed for kids election promise were true, ACL would also withdraw its support.

“No one wants Government censoring of political discussion but the clean feed debate has never been about this.

“It’s quite obvious the claims in the GetUp ad are not true.

“It would be disappointing if people responding to GetUp’s plea for money were donating thinking Iranian-style censorship is what the Rudd Government had in mind.

“Lobby groups need to ensure their campaigns are accurate and not merely scare campaigns designed to raise the profile of the particular lobby group.

“ACL will be writing to Qantas asking them to check the accuracy of the claims made before they screen these ads in-flight, as foreshadowed by GetUp.”

ACL supports the Government’s plans to block Refused Classification material such as rape porn, child porn and bestiality porn and is also hopeful the current trial results will show that kids can be protected from X and R rated pornography with an opt in system for adults who wish to view this material.

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