Safeguards in place to protect pregnant minors need community support according to the Australian Christian Lobby.

Responding to calls to allow minors to undergo abortion without the protection of the court, Australian Christian Lobby spokesperson for women, Wendy Francis, said abortion needed careful consideration when it impacted the life of a minor.

“Are we seriously suggesting that pregnant minors should be able to undergo a medical procedure such as an abortion without careful consideration?

“There has never been a case in Queensland in recent history where a young girl has not been able to access abortion,” Ms Francis said.

“It continues to be the case that each young girl should have strong support and be given options to ensure she is not being coerced into having an abortion from adults who believe it is in her best interest.

“The current law allows for her to have an abortion, but treats it seriously. This is how it should be.”

Ms Francis said it was important not to normalise abortions given the tragic legacy that they left.

“Rather than make abortions more the ‘norm’ for young girls experiencing unsupported pregnancy, surely we should be examining the sexualised cultural environment which contributes to the early sexualisation of girls.

“We are seeing an increase in young girls who should be out playing soccer or netball, instead finding themselves with an unwanted pregnancy.”

Ms Francis said that Cairns MP Rob Pyne’s bill allowed abortion-to-birth, something most Queenslanders were against.

“Relaxing Queensland’s abortion laws removes all protection from late term abortions on viable babies.

“Giving adequate care for young girls should not mean we remove care for their babies.”