Between 1999 and 2015, at least 26 babies were born alive in WA after abortion attempts had failed, according to details from the WA Health Department.  After birth, these viable babies were not given any medical care, instead they were left to die.

At ACL’s Make it Count event on Thursday February 23, 2017 in the lead up to this year’s WA Election, Premier Colin Barnett and Opposition leader Mark McGowan were asked about this issues and what they see as a solution.

WA Opposition leader Mark McGowan shocked the 700 attendees at the election event in Perth when he told them: “Babies surviving termination is a terrible tragedy.”

In response, ACL managing director and moderator for the evening, Lyle Shelton said, “surely though Mr McGowan, a baby surviving a termination is not a tragedy.”

“Whilst we might disagree and we obviously respect your point of view it would seem that something should be done in these circumstances. It would seem to fair-minded people that this was something that needed to be addressed,” Mr Shelton said to the Opposition leader.

Premier Colin Barnett told the audience that he believed that babies born alive after surviving an abortion should be rendered treatment.

So what is going on in WA?  Dahlia Messiha ACL’s WA director explains in this video.