The troubles of gambling addiction unfortunately touches many families throughout Australia, often the ones who can afford it the least.  Most of us know people who suffer from this addiction and the tragic effects it has on them, and their families, but often we are unsure of how to help.  Well, the Tasmania Government has decided that now is the time to reconsider gambling in the state.

In August, a joint select committee on Future Gaming Markets was established by the Tasmanian Parliament to consider the future of the gaming industry in that state. It is expected to deliver its final report in September 2017.

In its submission last week to an inquiry into gambling in Tasmania, the ACL called on the Tasmanian Government to seize the opportunity to implement policies that protect vulnerable Tasmanians.

ACL said that while the inquiry was welcome news for many community groups concerned with the harmful consequences of problem gambling, doubt remained about how committed the government really was to supporting its most vulnerable citizens.

Close scrutiny of the Government’s gaming policy, set out in the Hodgman Liberal Government Post–2023 Gaming Structural Framework, shows that the Tasmanian Government’s seemingly good intentions are heavily compromised by a strong interest in maintaining government revenues from this lucrative activity.

Read the full ACL submission here